Starting the journey to reduce your waste can be overwhelming at best and to totally mind blowing. There is just so much information out there on what you can do, where you can start and how you can reduce. We have sifted through a lot of it and share our favourite resources with you here. 


Recycling is definitely one of those things that is totally mind blowing. Each and every council do things differently so you can't even copy a friend a most instances. A great place to start is Planet Ark's Recycling Near You. This site helps you find places where you can recycle things and links to councils for what they allow you to put in your red bin. 

If you are a business, they also help you out -

Planet Ark also helps you out with interpreting the recycling labels on food packaging on their Australasian Recycling Label page. 


By reusing or sharing a product instead of buying a new one, we reduce consumption of water, energy and valuable natural resources....not to mention reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many ways to donate, trade or exchange your pre-loved items and of course Planet Ark shares all this information on their Reuse Information Hub.

Your Home

If you want any tips on creating an environmentally sustainable home, then look no further than Your Home by the Australian Government. 


If the thought of having your own compost makes your skin crawl, then simply Share Your Waste with someone who has already got one.

Inspirational Aussies

There are so many like-minded peeps out there treading their own path in waste reduction and they are all so inspirational. Here are a few that I follow: