Sam Stone Waste Free World

Hi, I am Sam and I created Waste Free World because I'm very passionate about preserving our environment and therefore reducing the waste, especially plastics, that ends up in landfill.

First of all, I am a mum to two kids and want to make sure they have a world to conquer in their future. 

I started our waste reduction journey after my neighbour, Sarah told me about Bea Johnson and how her family only produced one glass jars worth of waste in a whole year. I started to look around at the waste we produce as a family....it was a lot! I was actually shocked. We started to tweak things here and there. 

I quickly realised big impacts could be made with small changes by switching to reusable or plastic free items and wanted to share this with others who possibly think it is all too hard. I also wanted to create a shop that had affordable options for people wanting to reduce their waste. 

I have to admit, it isn't easy at times to reduce our waste - but we are on a mission to succeed and to help others succeed too.  

As an indigenous woman, I am also very passionate about supporting other local and Indigenous businesses and artists - so all our stock is sourced locally in Australia and New Zealand. This is to support my local communities and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. 

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