Top 5 Eco New Year Resolutions

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We have slipped into the new year still neck deep in Covid19 and the uncertainty about what the future holds in regard to lockdowns and vaccines. And I can't even bring myself to read about what is going on in the United States at the moment. The world seems so out of control. 

So this new year I am sticking to what I can control and setting myself the following 5 eco new year resolutions. 

  1. Reduce our soft plastics

    The amount of soft plastics that come in this house is really quite ridiculous - think bread, biscuits, chips, cheese, dog food, sliced meat, pasta, rice, nuts, breakfast cereals....etc and while we do take it all back to Coles or Woolworths to be recycled (and hope that it is actually recycled) we could do a LOT better at reducing what comes into the house in the first place.

    Ideas to combat this are; getting bread in our own cloth bag, making our own cereals, biscuits and buying in bulk with our own containers. 

  2. Start using shampoo & conditioner soap

    Every morning when I look at all our shampoo and conditioner bottles I cringe and think of them sitting in landfill or bobbing up and down in the ocean somewhere. It's time to stop cringing...when these bottles are empty I am moving on to try shampoo and conditioner soap bars.

  3. Take my own reusables to pick up take-away meals

    I'll admit it - we get take-away at least once a week...maybe twice if we are feeling super lazy. There are four of us and each gets their own dish. That is a lot of plastic containers that end up in recycling. This year I am going to walk to pick up our take-away meals with our own containers - I'll keep you posted as to what happens. 

  4. Shop Op

    I should probably also shop my wardrobe as I always seem to find things that I have forgotten I have....because I always wear the same thing, especially since working from home kicked off. 

    But if there is any need for me to buy any clothes this year I am going to pop to the local op shop, of which there is one in walking distance, and have a peruse to see what goodies I can get. 

  5. Install a dog poop compost

    As we are on our waste reduction journey, we don't want to forget our precious pooch and therefore will be installing a dog poop compost so the worms can deal with his excrement and not the garbage collectors. 

There you have it! I'll keep you up-to-date with my progress throughout the year. 

Have you made any resolutions? Any eco ones?

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